A Northwest Experience

At the Salish Lodge & Spa, our goal is to bring you mouthwatering, purely Northwest cuisine using fresh, vibrant seasonal ingredients. Innovative doesn't have to mean stuffy. At the iconic Salish Lodge it means refined techniques that let the food speak for itself. Showcasing everything in its natural state. Not pretentious. Not covered up. Just served simply... divine.

Partnering with local growers, farmers and purveyors that bring us the best at its core, is

something we're passionate about. Our own apiary producing honey that you'll find on every menu. Food that salutes traditions, and makes new memories. All with an authentic dash of our homegrown herbs. Enjoy a luxuriously comfortable and memorable dining experience, featuring award-winning food and wine coupled with one of the best views in the Seattle area. Welcome to dining at Salish Lodge.

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